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Ankush & Khushali

Honestly, I never had liking or say understanding for good photography/videography 


Shashank is a college friend so that faith was there. But trust me, the team and the energy I saw on my pre wedding day kept me going. I was so calm and relaxed while taking those shots in 45 degrees. 


Not just the team, the video quality I saw was way natural and with clearer colours than I expect from wedding videos. 


All in all, super impressed with the quality and the team’s nature. I now understand the expense on wedding photographer is an investment for a full fledged colourful memory forever. 

Highly recommend the shots and creative ideas the team puts in the middle of shoot and jolly environment they create




Vishal + Samiksha

This is an appreciation post for shashank and his team

(Shashank k Productions).

We did not give a second thought to who our photographer was going to be, especially after looking at your recent work with Asmita and of course the others too.

We are so happy for all the teams that you put together and made each and every moment of ours be captured so beautifully.

Thank you so much for patiently listening to my 1000 Pinterest ideas and sharing your own and giving us everything the way we wanted it and beyond!

You should also know that every time we

re-visit the pictures and videos with our friends

and family, we feel so overwhelmed as if we

are reliving those moments each time - thank you for being more than just a wedding photographer to us.

Love and luck.

Kajol & Ishan

Well, I went through 'n' number of photographers to finally settle for this one. We met so many of them but none actually matched to our thought process and vision.

Shashank k productions is very good at what he does. I would totally recommend him for all the functions. He has a great experienced team who know what is happening around what time. It was a seamless experience with these guys. Shashank is the main guy.

He is extremely easy and he gets what you want out of your wedding pictures.

He has an eye for details and also comes up with a whole bunch of new ideas for pictures which makes the whole process interesting.

The albums are so beautiful. They are systematically designed on the best sheets. They look so premium.

The videos for the wedding, engagement and all the rituals are so fun. Yes, fun! You can watch them over and over. They have the right mix of songs and moments. I have Nucleya in my wedding video which is just Wow! <3

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